1000 Hours Campaign for Autism

1000 Hours Campaign for Autism

Early intervention is essential for children with autism.

My son Michael was incredibly luck to access a full-time early intervention centre in Brisbane called the AEIOU. The centre opened its doors for the first time shortly after Michael was diagnosed. So by great fortune we had access to a centre (only the second of its kind in Queensland) without having to endure long waiting lists. The intensive nature of the intervention contributed to the significant gains that Michael has made in the last 5 years. He is now able to attend a mainstream school.

Every child with autism should be able to access such a service. Currently most children with autism cannot access early intervention mainly because:

(1) lack of services

(2) too expensive

(3) too far away.

Here is a message from the 1000 Hours Campaign.

It’s time for more…

1000 Hours

Help Australian children with Autism by supporting our campaign to lobby government to fund a minimum of 1000 hours of Early Intervention for every pre school child with Autism. It takes only a minute to join and show your support.


For more details on the 1000 hours campaign please visit our website