Accidently Green (Audio)

Accidently Green (Audio)

frogs on a faux frog

I’ve posted a recording of me reading ‘Accidently Green’ on the Internet Archive.

Here is the link

Those Green Tree frogs on the faux frog are real – about the size of an adult’s hand. They don’t mind us at all – the kids sometimes pick them up (after washing their hands to get rid of anything that might harm the frog). They never hop away when you go near them, in fact one jumped on Michael the other night.

My mum has gone into hospital again in preparation for an operation on Tuesday (yes, she changed her mind and agreed to have it). She’ll be in there for a couple of weeks. We’ll all be thinking of her.

Now I better go and pick up my kiddliewinks from school.

Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

ps. here is my original blog with the words to ‘accidentally green‘. In the audio the last words seems to have been chopped off (they are ‘childhood memories’).

Realm of the REM (audio)

Realm of the REM (audio)

Here is another poem which I’ve recorded for posterity. It is Realm of the REM.

Click here for the recording.

Again look to the right of the screen for the play button.

Here is the text. I have written it in the form of a psalm and it is a simple description of the way I dream (I was going to call it bipolar dreaming originally). Do other people have similar dreams? I would be interested to know.

The indenting in the original stuffs up when I put it in the blog (never mind) so it looks a little different in the original.

Realm of the REM

In the realm of the REM the eyes flitter fretfully;
they rest when video clips of the Id are paused.

What will inward eyes see in my sleep tonight?
Will unfettered views invite horror or delight?

It is the battlefield of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde;
the victor changing in cyclical clashes of the unconscious.

Superhero arms slicing through aqua lagoon waters;
rippling muscles rupturing the translucent jelly.

Leaden torso, sluggish arms, hanging legs dragged down
in hideous, murky waters of a slow motion movie.

Glorious wings of human arms pulsate on mellifluous airstreams;
potent eagle eyes scan the panorama with exultation.

Weary, mournful wings struggle to raise a dead weight;
while a cloud of impending doom envelops exposed limbs.

The woken world is elated by intoxicating dream residues;
or polluted by a putrid, percolating dream shadow.



Published Ripples Magazine (Edition 17, 2009)

Winning poem for the Ripples Magazine annual poetry competition.

Caged Birds – Audio

Caged Birds – Audio

Well here goes nothing. On request by Dhyan and others, I have recorded my poem Caged Birds.

It is a bit difficult embedding an audio link so here is a link to Internet Archive, where I’ve posted the audio file. I tried to embed it but it didn’t work (if anyone knows how to do it give me a hoy). Just click on the link and then click on the play button at the far right.

Caged Birds (audio)

Hope that works!