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Gabe Feathers McGee (aka Gabrielle Bryden) is an Australian writer and psychologist, born and raised in Brisbane. She now lives inland from the Great Barrier Reef, somewhere in the Wide Bay region of Queensland.

She blogs most days of the week and includes poetry, stories, photography and non-fiction articles. She loves to participate in the community of creative, artistic bloggers around the world, so make sure you join in the conversation and leave a comment or two  – she responds to all comments (except spammy or offensive stuff) as she enjoys the mental stimulation ;).

She has a Master of Arts in the field of psychology and worked in the alcohol and drug field for over a decade before having two children. The eldest, a boy, was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. The youngest, a girl is neurotypical. Both are adorable and growing up way too quick. She is currently studying for her PhD researching the psychology of unorthodox health choices.

Gabrielle lives on 20 acres of wonderland with her husband, children and assorted animals and birds. She spends any free-time writing and blogging. Her work has been published in a range of online and print journals, books and magazines as well as being broadcast on local and national ABC Radio. She has a strong interest in books, environmental issues, autism spectrum disorder, politics, psychology, photography, and music.

The family have two dogs called Sheba and Molly, two alpacas (Spirit and Merlin), 4 mini goats (Billy, Benny, Raspberry and Pippin), 3 steers, 30 plus Gouldian Finches, and two Muscovy ducks.

The kids say they will help out but …

bill and ben

59 thoughts on “About Gabe

  1. a small seaside town…ahhh…what relief..
    no, I don’t have autistic children–both of mine are full grown and dealing with the issues, believe it or not, of being independent thinking, secure in their own individuality, free to be whoever/whatever they want to be people. Compared to autism this is a piece of cake, but still no fun as this is the consequence of my own conscious child raising efforts. Daughter battles constantly against the expectations of her peer group to follow ‘their’ program of school, immediate marriage,house buying, children, cozy cozy cozy, retirement –all in a vaccum of total egocentricity. Her plan: get the hell out of Dodge/Missouri and travel, take photos, explore other cultures, find a real companion, play more soccer…and so ti goes. Her brother is luckier perhaps–his friends may be traditionalists but they’re open minded folks and go with the flows of others….
    –yeah, see what the ‘children prompt’ does to me on a Saturday morning—intention was to simply connect and wave hi…HI! enjoy everything at your end of the cyberswampland with your children..

    1. We all have different battles to deal with. Hope your daughter sticks to her own plan – sounds like a lot of fun. Tell her Australia is a great place to take photos (and travel of course). We’re you from?

  2. Hi back!
    Oh Australia and New Zealand are on daughter’s radar screen. Near future sights are set on a return to Rome–and for her sake I hope she goes very very soon after she’s done shooting baseball teams in Florida.
    Yes, we do have different battles to deal with–and they all have their own stresses and strains.
    Where am I from–ha..I’m originally from the south side of Chicago, spent time in Waukesha, WI(near Milwaukee), time in Worcester, Mass and now…for way tooo long in several parts of the Kansas City Metro area–currently in Liberty which is northeast of KC.
    –Can’t decide if your today is my tomorrow..ought to know this, but having trouble at the moment figuring it …right now it’s nearly midnight and close to the ‘end’ of moi for a time…
    Did you and your children go to the sea today?
    Somewhere along the way I think I saw a post from you stating that you do NOT eat your frogs–that’s quite good for the frogs as their legs can be quite tasty…but I don’t know if all frogs’ leggies are tasty….and I’m getting way too punchy to be writing anything!!!! thanks for bearing with me…umm. ‘night’ from my end of the swamp!

    1. I think my day is your night – but don’t know which is in front. Yes, the munchkins and I went to the beach (which is behind some heath in the front of our house) with the doggie doodles and later down to a beautiful estuary on the other side of town. Cold water but lovely pelicans and vast expanses of sand from the estuary to the sea (must get some photos and post) – perfect winter blue skies (it doesn’t rain much in our winters and isn’t very cold – the kids had a quick dip). Night night!

  3. okay, am going to try posting again, this is not my day for posting anywhere…so…Love the beach–reminds me of one near Seasside,Oregon—long and wide. You are sooo LUCKY. I am green with envy because I really enjoy being close to the ocean. OOOOOOOO!

  4. Gabrielle,
    While I found your blog via gingatao, I’d love to know more about the email information group, for parents with children with Autism.
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Mark. I have a group of about 30 parents and I send out anything useful I find about autism. As a researcher, psychologist and parent of kid with asd I am constantly reading the latest research and books on autism. I email my group when I find something that stands out – as I know that most parents haven’t got the time or expertise to wade through the mountains of stuff around on autism. There is a focus on biomedical stuff but also behavioural and other tips/hints. The parents also email me stuff to pass on to the group. Anyone can join – the more the merrier. My email is gbryden@bigpond.com – people just email directly and I add them to the group. I can answer questions/problems directly as well or people can ring me to have a chat. Anything to help kids with autism have a better life.

  5. Greetings, discovered your blog tag surfing for poetry and dropped in to look around. I like how you write, and will be adding you to my secret list of blogs I visit. I’ll stop in again.

  6. ok, just finished reading through your poems, both classifications. I see freshness and talent, an ability to say things in your own unique way that still manages to touch me emotionally and mentally. Very nicely done! And that has to be the quickest response to any comment I have ever left!!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog today. How strange that I had just been on your site earlier in the day! I especially like keeping up with people who are blogging from around the district. Nice to know there are others out there scribbling away. I also admire your wildlife photos very much. The clarity and quality are great. Keep up the good work.

  8. Oh, I forgot to say I like the poetry very much, I covet labradoodles and Chinese silkies, and I listen to Bob Dylan while doing the housework! (Gets me going.) In fact, this morning hubby came out of my studio carrying a copy of a book he had just found on my shelf: Bob Dylan – A Retrospective (1972 Picador book edited by Craig McGregor).

    1. We have much in common then – including a love of gardening. I haven’t got that book (my Dad was telling me about it). I recommend ‘Down the Highway: The life of Bob Dylan’ by Howard Soanes. Fantastic book. I am actually ‘in love’ with Bob Dylan. It is funny how housework seems so much easier when listening to great music.

  9. regards,

    my son Brian has Aspergers. He is an amazing 7 year old. He is in grade 2 and reads at a grade 6 level, understanding everything he reads. I can certainly relate to you. Socially Brian struggles everyday. Competitive sports are a no-no. I love the iceberg analogy. So completely true.


  10. This is my first visit to your site and I will return. Your writing is somewhat similar to my own, although, topics not the same. My children are now grown and grandchildren now here. You are gifted and I commend you for already being published so young. I tried many years ago and now in the computer age and Blogging I am looking forward to trying again. Your determination gives me encouragement. Thank You!

  11. Hi Gabrielle. I saw a comment of yours on the Overland site and followed you here. Snap ! I have one ASD and one NT child, I blog on wordpress and write poems, some about autism. Nice to meet you !

  12. Hi Gabrielle! Thanks so much for your comments on my poems that were published in Poetry24. They are, indeed, “… like coins to a busker.” But coming from a fellow writer closer to gold coins! The photo of the beach in Hervey Bay is amazing. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Martin 🙂 Good to see you. You are a very good poet going by the two poems you had published on Poetry24. Comments are what make the blogging world go round, I think – haha. It’s a great beach – hardly anyone around most of the time.

  13. Hi Gabrielle,

    I came across your blog tonight while doing some “internet surfing” . Not sure if you remember me from your days back at HF at I’Pilly. I worked with with Libby and Kerri. I have thought of Michaelmany times and wondered how your “tree change” went. I ahve really enjoyed reading your posts and catching upon your news and interests. There is also a wealth of info in your postings to help other families. Thank you for sharing. I will visit your site agin to see how things are going. I love your poetry and I am happy to hear about Michael’s progress.

    1. Thankyou wonderingpilgrim – it does stretch and educate 🙂 that’s for sure. Thanks for stopping by – loved your Greek post – I have always had an interest in the way English words are often derived from Greek (lived in Greece as a child for a few months and love all things Greek – haha).

  14. Hi Gabrielle
    I am Zaharah and am living in Malaysia. I have a daughter 11+ with PDDNOS and we will be in Brisbane in mid May. Would love to see how you cope with your kids and learn some tips from you.

    1. Hi Zaharah, thanks for stopping by. I don’t live in Brisbane anymore – about 5 hours north of Brisbane, unfortunately. You can email me with questions if you want gbryden at bigpond dot com 🙂

  15. Hello Gabrielle! I am excited to follow your blog! I am an American Writer who is living in Brisbane at the moment. Love connecting with Australian Writers. Cheers!

    1. Hi Devin 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. Must be a bit of a culture shock visiting Brisbane from the USA – hope you enjoy it – I don’t live there now but do visit a few time a year because my relatives mostly live there. Your mum must miss you when you travel – if my kids moved to another country I would have to kill them 😉

  16. Love your blog, especially the latest poem, reminiscent of A.A. Milne, although not sure why. I also write poetry, have a labradoodle, grew up in Brisbane, and have a 22yr old son with Aspergers. I always thought I was so unique. Sigh…

    1. Wow, we do have some things in common 🙂 Thanks for popping in Anna. I live an hours south of Bundy now but still get to Brisbane occasionally. Love A.A.Milne so thank you very much.

  17. G’day Gab, thought I’d leave you a little love on your bloggedy blog. I read every post that arrives in my email because I AM A GAB FAN! 🙂 Love the layout here. Now that I have the new superduper lappy, i’ll visit more, because apparently i’m addicted to the internet again. Soon i’ll be internet dating! lol (NEVER! I adore the picture of you and your son Michael. So very sweet, oozes tenderness. See ya round my friend 🙂 ❤

    1. ooh a new laptop – hehehe – very exciting 🙂 thanks for stopping by my friend – I need to update this ‘about Gabe’ section since I have moved – one day! Thanks also for the kind words – you are an internet gem (long live the addiction – haha)

  18. Brisbane, Queensland, it looks amazing on the post cards a friend of mine sent me from there! Your country is the most beautiful place I will probably never manage to visit, but hey, I can always dream and read about it! Nice blog you’ve got here!

  19. I am a college student majoring in public relations with a minor in psychology. I also am interested in Asperger’s Syndrome, which is part of the Austism spectrum. I see that it appears psychology and Asperger’s are a few interests in study for you as well. I look forward to reading your blog in the near future.

  20. Hi Gabrielle, Louise Fuller here, I’ve just begun reading your ‘Autism Files’ and as a Prep teacher there is a wealth of information. I have had several children in my classes that fit somewhere on the ASD spectrum and it is difficult with a class of 25 4 and 5 year olds to always know how to best teach these children. Your blog certainly provides lots of useful ideas and insights and much easier to read than the ‘educational’ papers we are usually given. I always try my best to cater to the individual needs of the kids but sometimes you just don’t know what to do. Thank you for sharing your story and I will encourage my colleagues to read it too. I can also brag a bit that I went to school with you! Hope you and your family are well, lots of love, Lou x

    1. Hello Louise 😀 – so great to hear that from you and thanks for stopping by – much appreciated! It’s hard to keep the momentum up with writing the book so it is great to hear some positive feedback to keep me on the track – big hugs from me 😁

  21. hahaha yes, we do say that it English – very apt in this situation I feel! Your memory is not failing – I changed my ‘name’ recently – just for fun, and maybe to separate my fun writing from my work stuff – I used to call our Molly the Cavalier – Feathers McGee – because she is always chasing chicken feathers – and then I stole the name from her! Would be a good name for a chicken private detective (P.I. Feathers McGee – friend of Pompadour hahaha) 😍

  22. Hi Gabrielle. My blog write4publish.com was recently liked by a blogger in England who is also connected with a radio station. He read out and posted one of my stories that I sent him.He’s autistic. davidsnape@me.com

  23. Love the new look of your site. I have not been able to visit many of the sites I enjoy due to health problems the last year. Open heart surgery has kept me less busy than I was. I look forward to visiting you again and enjoying all your posts. Hope you are your family are well. 🙂

    1. Hi Renee, sorry to hear about your health – my Mum had open heart surgery years ago, and I know how hard it is afterwards. Also, my husband had a heart attack quite recently and is slowly recovering – these things are never easy. Thanks for stopping by – I haven’t been blogging so much recently. cheers Gabe

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