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Gabe Feathers McGee (aka Gabrielle Bryden) is an Australian writer and psychologist, born and raised in Brisbane. She now lives inland from the Great Barrier Reef, somewhere in the Wide Bay region of Queensland.

She blogs most days of the week and includes poetry, stories, photography and non-fiction articles. She loves to participate in the community of creative, artistic bloggers around the world, so make sure you join in the conversation and leave a comment or two  – she responds to all comments (except spammy or offensive stuff) as she enjoys the mental stimulation ;).

She has a Master of Arts in the field of psychology and worked in the alcohol and drug field for over a decade before having two children. The eldest, a boy, was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. The youngest, a girl is neurotypical. Both are adorable and growing up way too quick. Now she is a PhD candidate researching the psychosocial foundations of unorthodox health choices.

Gabrielle lives on 20 acres of wonderland with her husband, children and assorted animals and birds. She spends any free-time writing and blogging. Her work has been published in a range of online and print journals, books and magazines as well as being broadcast on local and national ABC Radio. She has a strong interest in books, environmental issues, autism spectrum disorder, politics, psychology, photography, and music.

The family have two dogs called Sheba and Molly, two alpacas (Spirit and Merlin), 4 mini goats (Billy, Benny, Raspberry and Pippin), 3 steers, Gouldian Finches, Chinese Silkie chickens and many Muscovy ducks.

The kids say they will help out but …

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