RIP Sweet little Pippin πŸ˜₯

RIP Sweet little Pippin πŸ˜₯

Baby Pippin

Sweet mini-goat Pippin passed away last night – we got the vet out but he had a blockage in one of his stomachs and it was too late.

He will be missed by his human family and his herd (Raspberry, Benny, Billy, Merlin and Spirit) – especially Raspberry who was particularly close to little Pippin – we bought them together and bottle fed both of them πŸ˜ͺ

raspberry and pippin



Pippin and Merlin


12 thoughts on “RIP Sweet little Pippin πŸ˜₯

  1. Hi Gabe,
    Sorry to hear about Pippin, it is hard losing a part of the family.
    We had a new bub born yesterday a boy itҀ™s the first one from our big grey boy Aladin.
    He is a good size an very strong.
    Kind regards,
    Sandra Robertson Ҁ“ ZamZook Park Alpacas
    Tel: 07 4154 8330 Mob: 0401 615 642


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