13 thoughts on “storm (haiku)

  1. This storm was massive – destroyed thousands of trees in the region – every second tree along our road came down that night (few months back now) and some really old fig trees in town fell down – our place was fine though as we don’t have many large trees and amazingly the goats sheds stayed put (otherwise they would have got a fine surprise as they flew through the air, Dorothy and Toto style 😉

        1. wow, that’s a lot of snow – we are world’s apart – currently having a heatwave – so hot you could die from heat stress if you didn’t keep your water intake up and if you worked in the sun – we have air conditioning which is essential imo 😉 thanks Ben

  2. Wow, spectacular photo! Your neck of the woods has always copped its fair share of extreme weather, but it seems that the unpredictability and severity is intensifying there and countrywide.

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