tin roof makes raucous
the clatter of rain

turning up the volume
on stark imaginings

machine gun fire
terse lull
machine gun fire

shredding peace,

better to walk
with the rain

listen and feel
leaves, sand and dimpled sea
embrace the rain
in accord

a song
with softer notes

takes the edge off,

creating harmony.

4 thoughts on “Sounds of Rain

  1. Me too. I love rain. And your poem captures the mystery of it — the unfamiliar sounds on metal roofs and the soft patter on Nature’s own surfaces. Fabulous! Love the photo too! I guess ducks don’t mind ??? Or maybe they don’t like it falling on their faces …

    1. thanks Aletha 😀 the ducks are a bit weird about water – they seem to like the rain most of the time, but when they have enough they duck for cover hahaha and when I spray the hose on them do get a bit annoyed

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