Cyclone Season

Cyclone season in summer Queensland,
it happens every year,

warnings from the weather
people, be prepared

emergency kit on standby
waiting for action, like Qantas passengers,

in limbo, waiting for CEO’s
to come down from their clouds,

torch, batteries, drinking water
radio, tarpaulin …

stock up on gaffer tape for windows,
the house will be taken hostage,

clean up your yards, the cyclone
picks up everything, not tied down,

garden furniture, children’s toys
playthings for cyclone winds,

picked up and whirlwind twirled,
on nature’s best show ride,

reeling in the Cha Cha or Rocknroll,
dizzy in the fastest roller coaster on the coast,

listen for radio warnings,
the siren might be howling, beware,

be prepared, always a good idea,
but before it comes, you can always run.


Note: The map shows cyclone activity in Australia in the past 150 years (looks like Australia on a bad hair day 😉) produced by the Australian Government (Emergency Management for Schools website). The further North you are the more likelihood of cyclones.


Nuddernote: there is a huge cyclone about to impact way up north of us – glad we are nowhere near – but thinking of everyone up near Bowen.


17 thoughts on “Cyclone Season

              1. Yes ! It was on our news and weather forecast tonight. And it is aiming at the lower half of the North Island where we live ! We will have to wait and wee what it does.

  1. “Australia on a bad hair day”, haha, love that.

    Cyclone Debbie took the lower reaches of the country by surprise, it seems, with the horrendous flooding. Bloody awful.

    1. It’s just shocking – and Rockhampton is the next to be affected. We had two days with all schools from Agnes Waters to the NSW border closed – an early start to the school holidays. Lots of flash flooding around here but no damage to property. Really feel for everyone who has been flooded or wind damaged.

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