Goanna by Gabrielle Bryden


Wilds of Woodgate

Garrulous Goanna canters
the perimeter of fence,
with a predators glare.

Gigantic spiders stalk
silently up high, waiting
to parachute the unsuspecting.

Brazen bull sharks close to shore
after rain, raise adrenaline
with water slicing fins.

Boxing kangaroos spar
for the girls, grunting,
showing off like Muhammad Ali.

Snakes from the shadows
appear with fangs at the ready,
like Dracula with a raging thirst.

Emus surprise with in your face attitude
and a Jackie Chan kick,
that could do your head in.

How about a day release
from heaven, Steve Irwin?
I need to borrow a crocodile hunter.


Boxing Kangaroos by Gabrielle Bryden
Emu by Gabrielle Bryden

Note: this is a re-post from when we lived in a small seaside village called Woodgate – backing onto a national park. I am reminded of this poem because some predator is disappearing my ducks (and killed my last chook) 😭 Soon I won’t be able to call myself Feathers McGee.

6 thoughts on “Wilds of Woodgate

  1. just after posting this I opened the front door and stood on a snake #eek – it was more scared of me than the other way around, though I did let out a scream and jumped in the air – got outta there real quick – a harmless python but I do hate snakes #predators

    1. The chooks had secure accommodation but the ducks are too big (and can fly) for an enclosure and have also free ranged – we’re keeping a very close eye on the remaining five and they are sleeping near the house where they feel safer #fingerscrossed

  2. This poem encapsulates what’s uppermost in the minds of those that visit us from Africa. I get “is this true?” emails accompanied by picks of bird-eating spiders 😁

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