belly growling,

the puppy contemplates

the sound of hunger


Molly has not been well – very anxious and barking at shadows – her tummy is causing her pain because of a bug (probably something she ate in the paddocks). I thought it might be all psychological but the vet thinks it’s mainly the bug (we’ll wait and see).

She had to go 24 hours without food (hence the haiku) and then a bland, home cooked diet for 10 days and a course of antibiotics. She is not a happy camper.

Something has scared her as well, because she refuses to go outside and will come running back inside when I take her out for her bathroom run. I have to use her lead to ‘force’ her to stay outside until she has done the business. I have seen a ginormous eagle or kite near the house recently – maybe that has put her on edge – and there are always snakes about.

Plus, one of our ducks was killed yesterday, by some unknown predator.

What is going on?

9 thoughts on “Molly (haiku for a sick dog)

  1. A nice fancy, that ‘sound of hunger’.
    It could well be that the eagle did an exploratory swoop, and that Molly has particularly well-developed survival instincts. A Jack Russell was taken out (and to dinner) by a local eagle recently, right in the suburbs. The duck would be a sitting duck, and when it comes to chickens an eagle doesn’t demand Kentucky Fried.

  2. Sounds like the doggie knows something. Animals are very aware of their surroundings. So sorry about the duck and the chicken. They were probably just as aware, too, but were out-maneuvered. Molly’s saying “Not me!”

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