If you have an autistic child and someone tries to sell you MMS – run a mile!


There are many charlatans out there trying to sell cures for autism based on theories that are not supported by scientific evidence. If you read stuff about parasites, ‘leaky gut’, other digestive issues, gluten or casein free diet, in relation to autism (and for that matter, a range of other conditions) than these are red flags for people trying to sell quackery. Another red flag is when people say that one product is effective for a huge number of conditions, like cancer, MS, alzeimers – usually chronic conditions that are hard to cure.

‘Currently there’s nothing to stop people marketing the false idea that autism is something that can be or needs to be cured. I think it’s time we change that.

Autism is a neurological condition, it’s not something you can cure like an injury or illness. With the right professional therapies, people with autism can thrive, but there’s no product that can offer a magical “fix.”‘ (Emma Dalmayne)

There is a petition in the UK if people are interested.

13 thoughts on “Stop trying to ‘cure’ autistic people

  1. I worked with my first autistic child when I was 20 at University…the neurological aspect was clear then but still the snake oil salesmen have continue to offer miracle cures to those willing to buy their lies…most sad to me.

        1. thanks – my son is doing fine these days – in the early days I got sucked in by the con artists and tried some of the diets – took years before I realised it was a dead end, plus my son is fine just the way he is

  2. Somehow, despite education, science and its record, our emotional driven selves put our faith in magic. And where there is a demand for magic, there will be a magician. I still believe in Santa (while the presents keep coming).

    1. how right you are Stafford (in fact that is what my phd is about – how emotions override logic in making decisions) – I still believe in fairies, but that is because they are real hahaha

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