1. You get to discover how complex and amazing  language is, especially if your child was delayed in talking.  If they are still non verbal, you will find many other useful ways to communicate such as PECS, and makaton.  You will become an expert in the subject.

2 Your kids teachers never forget your kid’s name. You get to know them and they pay special attention to your little cracker. Parents evenings often last 40 minutes rather than 5, so you never get those awkward silences.

3. Chances are your kid is more honest than others.  If you want to know what is going on, you will get a straight answer no story telling, lies or secrets behind your back

4.  Autistic kids very often aren’t influenced by other people’s trends, so chances are they won’t nag you about getting the latest expensive clothing or shoes

5.  Autistic kids very…

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