My parents divorced when I was five;
I swore never to eat another tomato.

I  line up condiments and cutlery, never
step on the cracks, and everything


I will check that the stove is off,
once, twice, thrice and again.

I will touch wood lightly
four times, before speaking.

a place for everything
and everything in its place

the house is neat and clean,
but the weather outside is wild,

the house is neat and clean,
and I am calm inside.

I grew tired of matching the colours
of pegs on the line,

so now I use
a clothes dryer.

I will not eat a tomato;
my parents are still apart.


Note: The ‘I’ is the sum of many people (my poems are not always about me).

Nuddernote: OCD stands for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

9 thoughts on “OCD Logic

    1. My cousin’s daughter came to stay last year, and revealed to me that she’s OCD (particularly about neatness – our house must have been a nightmare for her 😂) and that she has to stir her tea and tap 3 times on the side of the cup with the spoon. I reckon I should move out for a month and invite her over with free accommodation – the house would be sorted in no time at all, haha

      1. haha great idea – ocd is on a continuum of severity and in its severe state it is incapacitating (watched a show on sbs the other night and the guy had all his furniture covered in sheets and was in tears because he was too scared to put some food in the bin)

  1. I am now absolutely, positively, completely, indubitably and incontrovertibly certain I am not obsessive compulsive. However, I am any Obsessive Compulsive’s worst nightmare.
    When I was living-in at College, the Housemaster once gave me three days to clean my room. Yes, of course he was OCD, but to give him his due, he did recognise the enormity of the task.

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