christmas molly 049
Happy New Year

2015 was a good year 😊

Nobody close, of the human variety, has died #alwaysgood

(we won’t mention Amore or Edgar Allen Poe or the long gone mice)

I have re-entered the workforce after many years: worked as a parole officer for a few months and then got some part-time work as a researcher at Uni in a gambling laboratory.

I trained as a volunteer telephone crisis counsellor and have been doing that in my spare time – makes me appreciate my life.

I was awarded a scholarship to do my PhD in psychology; and begin that journey in January #eek

The children are growing up fast and are becoming independent people. My son is now taller than my husband and my daughter is not far behind.

My husband has built more fences and weeded more fields than you could imagine; and the beasties are doing well.

I have even written the occasional poem #woops

Wishing you all the best for 2016 and thanks for stopping by the bloggy blog blog 🎇🎆✴🎆🎇





11 thoughts on “See you next year ðŸ˜

    1. thanks heaps bb 😀 the title is: ‘Different worldviews: An investigation into cognitive and psychosocial determinants of epistemically suspect health beliefs.’ hahaha if you can work that out I will give you an honorary doctorate 😉

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