It’s been 1 year since my brother passed away at the age of 50. We are thinking of you Daniel, with much love 😍

I wrote this poem about Daniel when he was still alive. It was published in the book ‘Short and Twisted‘ in 2010 (Celepene Press).

The Fortune Teller

My brother went to see a fortune teller
who said he would die at the age of twenty-one.
That sharp thorn of thought stuck in my mind.

One day he was riding
a freeway on his motorbike
and the road rearranged his brain.

They patched him up at the hospital
and he walked out with no scars
visible to passers-by.

When he turned twenty-two
I laughed out loud with relief
and hid that thorn in my tin of memorabilia.

One day I took the thorn out of my tin
and showed my mother, laughing as I reminded her of the story
with a frown she said
but he did die, didn’t he.