A Spring in our Steps (Snappy Snaps)

photo bomber Photobombing 😍

Derbyneighbours horse #neigh

sign (800x530)Warning Sign 😅

yellow-tailed cockatoos (640x324)Yellow-tailed Cockatoos (first ever sighting) #exciting

Derby4 (800x530)Chubs

follow the leader (800x530)I’ll come running and running to see you again #You’veGotaFriend

4 thoughts on “A Spring in our Steps (Snappy Snaps)

    • I was very excited about the yellow-tailed cockatoos (I had only seen the red-tailed cockatoos up till then) – they make a different sounds as well which is how we first knew they might not be the red-tailed cockatoos – I would have loved to get closer but they are rightly suspicious of humans. Thanks Juliet 😀

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