We know Migaloo.

We’ve seen him on the TV
on his trip each year.
Awesome sight
white whale.

Migaloo migrates
south to north
north to south
coast completed
land vibrates from his heart beating
feeding, breeding
like he has time on his hands
in Hervey Bay.

Safe place for humpback whales
tranquil waters
sheltered by K’gari
largest sand island
away from whale hunters
so called researchers
far from Orca
who would rip his succulent tongue out.

white fella
we keep the tourist boats far from you
nothing must hurt Migaloo.

We know you.


Migaloo was published in the July edition (2010) Speedpoets magazine (Vol 9.4)

Note: They believe that Migaloo may have fathered two albino calves (photos and story here) 😍 #yay

NudderNote: Migaloo is an Aboriginal name meaning white fella. Migaloo the whale is a completely white humpback that can be seen in the annual humpback whale migration along the Eastern coast of Australia.

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