2 thoughts on “Stop booing you racist dingbats!

  1. Comment along the lines that Adam Goodes should toughen up miss the point. Along with sports greats like Kathy Freeman and going back to LIonel Rose in boxing and Douglas Nicholls (SA Governor) among many other outstanding achievers, it is important they show pride in their Aboriginality to their young people and demonstrate what is possible.
    Indigenous health and achievement are so far away from satisfactory, that anything that can help close that gap must be encouraged, I loved it when Kathy carried the flag and I am proud that an indigenous player is leading a top footy side and believe it is important that he displays his connection to his people when he does his little haka of a war dance. Go Adam!

    1. Watching Kathy with the flag was the best! It makes me very sad watching what is happening and what is written about Adam Goodes – the ignorance of some people is mind blowing and denial of any form of racism! It’s not over yet either – can either get worse or better – if there is any sort of fight/riot when and if he plays again then I bet the yobbos will still blame Adam Goodes.

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