A must read article for parents of children with autism. I tried the gluten/casein free diet when my son was young, because the jury was out back then on whether it was helpful. If I knew now, what the research tells us now, then I wouldn’t have bothered. I also wouldn’t have wasted my energy looking into all the other mumbo jumbo pseudoscientific crap that is out there – the world is full of con artists trying to assist parents to ‘cure’ autism.

I wouldn’t want to cure my son – he is a fantastic human being worthy of respect and love, his autism is an essential part of his very being, and he is fine and dandy just the way he is. The world is a better place for having all sorts of people, with all sorts of neurological deviations. Autistic people have and will continue to contribute greatly to this world.


The NY Post recently published an article The miracle that cured my son’s autism was in our kitchen. It is a horrible piece of science journalism published in…

via Autism Pseudoscience in the NY Post.