I am chuffed to have my poem ‘a dive so deep’ published in the Summer Edition 2015: Once Upon a Time of the red wolf journal (USA). You can pop over here to have a looksee. A pdf version of the collection will be available down the track.

rwj_logoI’d like to thank the Summer 2015 editors Irene Toh and Tawnya Smith.

You know how I love wolves #howlingatthemoon 😎

ibgwj4wpsx8gfzCover art: Marc Chagall, The Promenade


12 thoughts on “red wolf journal

      1. Hi Gabrielle. Thanks for continuing to click on my blog. No, I am not closing down my blog. I just haven’t renewed the linked domain – helenrosswrites. com. Instead the blog domain has reverted to its original wordpress domain ie. misshelenwrites.wordpress.com. However, I just realised that I had forgotten to update the primary domain on my blog. So thanks for jogging my memory. I have decided to not renew my extra blog domains so I can work out which ones I really need. So at the moment my blog has reverted to its original blog name. I do plan to get back to blogging but am taking some much needed time out. 2015, so far, has been a year of’ clearing out, working out what works for me, getting finances in order and following my dreams. I miss blogging and writing poetry but have gone back to study – following my dreams, and all that. But I will be back in the blog-o-sphere soon but will likely take my blog in a new direction.

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