fire (click here)

life of fire (a concerto)

composition beginning
with timidity,
a delicate foray
into existence,
perhaps lingering for fear of the known,
the breathless destruction
that comes with being


a confidence is gathering
swiftly, with success
and orchestral fuel,
a collaboration that we know will destroy,
but this can be ignored
in the harmony of beauty ablaze

a finale soaring with freedom,
a reach for the solitude of release –
an intoxicant,
the flames rage to escape the coals
but the dying has already begun,
and the concerto
will smoulder
and be



5 thoughts on “life of fire (a concerto)

    1. that’s not good bb – would a duckling help? Maybe one of those lamps that people use for SAD (seasonal affective disorder) – many people use them in Finland I have heard. I’m often the same in winter – if I lived in a really cold place like England I would not survive – but this year we have had hardly any cold weather (I’m actually looking forward to some decent cold nights) so I have not been affected.

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