In the news for the day, less than eminent psychologist Dr Gabrielle Crook has discovered the cure for depression

When faced with the blues she advises the prescription of duck cuddling:


resized zacharyquackDSC_0834

IMGP3208 (1024x768)

photo by Michael Bryden
photo by Michael Bryden

DSC_0641 - Copy

Note: Please consult with your own psychologist or doctor before following this advice from a Quack😎


Bad joke ahead:

Why did the duck cross the road?

He was looking for his Quack 😉


Note: an edited repost (for anyone out there who may be suffering the blues)

12 thoughts on “Psychologist Discovers Cure for Depression – Ducklings!

    1. yes, I am sure that would do the trick – rabbits aren’t allowed in my State of Queensland because if they escape they become a feral pest (however other States do allow bunnies – which makes the law a bit ridiculous hahaha) – my daughter would love a bunny!

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