photo by Michael Bryden
photo by Michael Bryden

Are you the sort of person who gets lost easily? Would you get lost at the airport, in a supermarket or trying to get home! Well I am one of those people, without a doubt. My life is littered with lostness (that’s my new made-up word for the day) episodes.

There was the time when I was meant to be attending an alcohol and drugs conference in Melbourne and ended up at a conference on Chaos Theory (wrong University – doh!). Deep down I think I was meant to be partying on with all those physicists.

There was the time when I was supposed to be going to a psychiatric clinic in South Brisbane to collect data forms for a research study on anxiety and (yes you guessed it) got lost and ended up at the wrong hospital.

I asked
“What floor is the psychiatric department on?”
and got
“We don’t have a psychiatric department! Who referred you?”

Referred me – ha! I suppose I did look a bit like a psychiatric patient in my scruffy jeans, Garfield t-shirt, and scuffed sandshoes, and the ‘I need some sleep’ look in the dark circles under my eyes.

There was the time I went to IKEA and ended up in a holding pattern trying to find the exit (and I asked for directions twice – arghhh). Can you imagine never being able to leave an IKEA store – I refuse to enter an IKEA store again, ever!

There was the time that I had bought myself a second-hand car (red Holden HT with rust, for $400, if I can remember correctly) and drove to work at West End in Brisbane. I was a lab assistant at a blood laboratory (I loved that white lab coat) in my gap year, before I went to Uni. I thought I would go for a drive in my ‘new’ car at lunch-time and got so lost I ended up on my way to Ipswich (another city).

Yes, there could be something wrong in the spatial/relations part of my brain 😉

Do you have a penchant for lostness? Well please sit on my couch and tell me all about it.


13 thoughts on “Captain Chaos (The Gabe files)

  1. I once got on a train in Amsterdam. The train would split in two half way through the journey, One half going to Copenhagen in Denmark, the other going to Regensberg in Germany (where i was heading). i got on the wrong half of the train. Luckily I realised my mistake before the train split into two.

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