Captain Chaos (The Gabe files)

photo by Michael Bryden

photo by Michael Bryden

Are you the sort of person who gets lost easily? Would you get lost at the airport, in a supermarket or trying to get home! Well I am one of those people, without a doubt. My life is littered with lostness (that’s my new made-up word for the day) episodes.

There was the time when I was meant to be attending an alcohol and drugs conference in Melbourne and ended up at a conference on Chaos Theory (wrong University – doh!). Deep down I think I was meant to be partying on with all those physicists.

There was the time when I was supposed to be going to a psychiatric clinic in South Brisbane to collect data forms for a research study on anxiety and (yes you guessed it) got lost and ended up at the wrong hospital.

I asked
“What floor is the psychiatric department on?”
and got
“We don’t have a psychiatric department! Who referred you?”

Referred me – ha! I suppose I did look a bit like a psychiatric patient in my scruffy jeans, Garfield t-shirt, and scuffed sandshoes, and the ‘I need some sleep’ look in the dark circles under my eyes.

There was the time I went to IKEA and ended up in a holding pattern trying to find the exit (and I asked for directions twice – arghhh). Can you imagine never being able to leave an IKEA store – I refuse to enter an IKEA store again, ever!

There was the time that I had bought myself a second-hand car (red Holden HT with rust, for $400, if I can remember correctly) and drove to work at West End in Brisbane. I was a lab assistant at a blood laboratory (I loved that white lab coat) in my gap year, before I went to Uni. I thought I would go for a drive in my ‘new’ car at lunch-time and got so lost I ended up on my way to Ipswich (another city).

Yes, there could be something wrong in the spatial/relations part of my brain 😉

Do you have a penchant for lostness? Well please sit on my couch and tell me all about it.


13 thoughts on “Captain Chaos (The Gabe files)

  1. I once got on a train in Amsterdam. The train would split in two half way through the journey, One half going to Copenhagen in Denmark, the other going to Regensberg in Germany (where i was heading). i got on the wrong half of the train. Luckily I realised my mistake before the train split into two.

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