If you have children who are on the autism spectrum I would recommend the article below. When my son was diagnosed with autism at the age of three I started reading about ‘biomedical’ approaches to autism. Years later it slowly dawned on me that this is a rabbit hole parents should definitely avoid. The majority of approaches are not based on science – they are are not evidence-based (despite the thousand of ‘articles’ on the internet that would tell you otherwise).

Some people say they are harmless so why not try them. But, some can be harmful by the very nature of the intervention (eg., avoiding vaccinations, chelation) and if parent’s are investing in biomedical approaches and so called ‘natural’ therapies, then they are putting energy and money into products and approaches that have scant evidence of effectiveness. They are also conveying the message that they are trying to cure their child of autism, instead of accepting their child.

There are evidence-based approaches to assisting children with autism to reach their full potential. These include such things as intensive early intervention, speech therapy, social skills training and occupational therapy.

The lowest of the low: Trying to bleach autism away.