molly and coRaspberry, Spirit, Pippin, Molly and Merlin

Got a shock yesterday when our gorgeous mini-goat Raspberry had a bit of an accident.

Andy the Great was out and about around the garden when he heard a strange sound. On investigation he found Raspberry flat on the ground underneath a portable but quite heavy steel fence. Raspberry had probably been nosing around the fence and knocked it over. The other three mini-goats (Benny, Billy and Pippin) and our two alpacas (Merlin and Spirit) were standing around the fallen Raspberry, with obvious concern on their furry faces. Andy the Great strode over to Raspberry and carefully pulled the fence off the goat. Raspberry had got the shock of his life but managed to stand up and limped off, hesitant to place any weight on his leg.

I came over to have a look at the injured leg as soon as I found out what had happened. I had visions of a broken bone or a crushed hoof! I have a soft spot for the handsome Raspberry 😍and was hyperventilating at the idea of serious injury 😒.

I cautiously approached Raspberry, giving him some pats and then feeling his leg to see if there was a break. The leg felt normal to me (not that I know anything about broken bones) and it was probably just bruised. Raspberry seemed shaken and just stood there while I gave him the once over.

As I was petting Raspberry I felt breathing on the back of my neck – both alpacas had approached to supervise me! It was quite unexpected as Merlin and Spirit usually keep their distance from any humans in the paddock; and here they were standing up close and personal. You see Merlin and Spirit have taken on the role of ‘parents’ to Raspberry (maybe all they see in Raspberry is a small white alpaca who is a bit deficit in the soft wool department) and they wanted to make sure he was ok.

They are a proper family, the mini goats and the alpacas, and care very little about appearances or species specific stuff.

Today Raspberry appears 100% better and is back to leaping onto the roof of the goat shed and prancing around on all four hooves.