WAD (click here)World Autism Awareness Day 2015 is nearly upon us (April 2nd) and that means it will be time to Light it Up Blue.

You can hop over here to obtain more information on ways to Light It Up Blue.

Stay tuned for further autism awareness information or you can check out my Autism Files for tips and information on the Autism Spectrum.


5 thoughts on “Light it up blue (2015) – just around the corner!

    1. thanks bb – it’s a complex area – I think greater awareness and more diagnoses from alert doctors does account for the majority of the increase – there may be a small increase from environmental stuff (possibly pollution – not vaccines though as there is no evidence for a relationship between vaccines and autism despite what certain celebrities might say on tv). I am aware of a number of adults who have never been diagnosed with autism, who would definitely be diagnosed today if they were about 5 years old – can remember a girl at school who probably had autism but she didn’t have a diagnosis – just the oddball according to most of the girls at school.

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