Puppy in my Hair

Puppy in my Hair

photo by Tessa
photo by Tessa

Puppy in my Hair

I woke up in the morning
with a puppy in my hair,
turned to her and yawning
said ‘please you must take care

my head is not a chewy toy
for puppies on the loose,
so find another to annoy
you furry little goose!’

a wag, a woof, a zingy spring
and into the air she soars,
she’s does a highland fling
landing goat-like on all fours.

Then off she’s gone as quick,
as quick as quick she came,
but gives me one last lick,
that’s her early morning game.


8 thoughts on “Puppy in my Hair

  1. Such a sweet poem, Gabe. 🙂 Never mind “let sleeping dogs lie” – I reckon dogs should learn to let “sleeping humans lie”. Lovely photo, Tessa!

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