Goat Ku


Autumn Haiku

Autumn arrives
in the year of the goat,
waiting for cool


Here in Australia my favourite season autumn has begun but who would believe it with the daytime maximum temperature of 32 degrees Celsius. Raspberry the goat is not impressed! 😀

12 thoughts on “Goat Ku

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    1. Raspberry is my most handsome goat – I just love goats – they are friendly (especially if hand raised) and curious and playful and beautiful Dhyan 😀 – I have four and they are all spoilt pets!

      1. I never had one. That’s the problem with these beautiful animals` you can’t just get one and then leave whenever you like.
        But have stayed few weeks on a little farm with two goats, got to milk them in the mornings and run after them all the way long 🙂
        Great fun.

        1. They do tie you down to where you live, unless you have someone who can help out when you travel – you also need more than one as they are a herd animal and would get very lonely by themselves.

  1. Reblogged this on CARNET DE DESSINS/Bénédicte's blog and commented:
    I know that when Australia waits impatiently for autumn, we do the same for spring,
    happy new year of the goat, what ever season you are srtating it with 🙂

    Quand l’Australie attend impatiemment l’automne, je sais que nous faisons la même chose avec le printemps.
    Bonne année de la chèvre, peu importe avec quelle saison vous la commencez 🙂

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