Slow Motion Hummingbirds

This is a bad day for hummingbirds,
the hummingbird murmured to me,
sounding like a purring puddy tat
filled up on sardines and cream.

That phantom high speed camera
has shown things that weโ€™d like discrete,
unblurring our swirling invisibility sheen,
revealing fantastical feats.

That super fast lens caught me right in the act
sneaking in a swift head peck,
well what do you expect – it is nectar
a delight to dehydrated beaks.

But itโ€™s not all bad, he chortled,
you humans are looking the fool,
you thought that you knew us inside and out
but your errors mean you are the tools.

Iโ€™ll be off now he chattered with a smile in his heart,
bustling backwards with an elegant swirl,
must apologise to my mate for pecking his head,
then he was gone in the windiest whirl.


Note: Phantom High Speed Cameras (200 to 500 frame rate) have captured some never before seen behaviours of the tiny, amazing Hummingbird. The youtube video describes the technology and has some footage of the Hummingbird (the poem makes more sense if you watch the video).