Slot Machine Mumbo Jumbo

The man with the megaphone
elevates the twisted drone
inside a shrunken head.

Roll up, roll up
to the land
of shiny slot machines
hokey pokies
call it what you will
waiting for a thrill
today’s your lucky day!

Your favourite games are waiting
for you
only you
the stars have aligned
don’t ignore the signs.

The rabbits in the hat
are crazed in cramped quarters
spring them
sprung them
run amok
among em

Clinking coins
flashing lights
booming voices
hold you, need you
what is that I hear you say
promises of a rainbow day.

Just you and your machine
today you’ll feel like a queen
ain’t love grand.

The outside world has disappeared
in this enchanted place.

What magic is this
that can make everything

Note: you might want to listen to this at the same time:


Note: A repost for reasons that will become apparent in the near future (and for all mentalists – you’ll already know – hahahaha) 😉

6 thoughts on “Slot Machine Mumbo Jumbo

    1. my reply seems to be lost – but anyway, I agree Charles – apparently Australia has more gaming machines and more money spent per person than most other countries – including the USA – such a waste of money!

  1. I clearly remember a family holiday – I must have been about 12 – when these machines gobbled nearly all I’d saved. When I watched one machine being emptied with a shovel, it was like someone had turned the light on. Tough one to learn, but it stuck with me.

  2. hahaha – a very clever poem. Hokey pokies, mumbo jumbo, indeed. In Tokyo, they’re called Pachinko parlours and you can lose both your money and your hearing there.

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