if would be a terrific idea for you to become a member of Australian Poetry 😀

poetscornerHear Ye Poets!

Here is a message from AP


‘As you know, Australian Poetry is a non-profit charity organisation established to promote and support Australian poets and poetry.

We receive funding from the Australia Council and Arts Victoria to support our operations. Critically, however, that funding only goes part way to covering the costs of our ongoing programs. We are dependent upon the support of our members to keep operating.

Australian Poetry wishes to thank all of those who have sponsored, made a donation or contribution to the organisation. Without your generous financial contribution, Australian Poetry could not exist.

Unfortunately, the number of Australian Poetry financial members has recently dropped. As a national organisation, we are disappointed but not discouraged. We believe that there are many more Australians who care about poetry in this country, and we are asking them to come forward.

As the national body for poetry, Australian Poetry strives to work with existing poetry organisations to raise awareness of poetry in Australia and of Australian poetry internationally, showcase the place of poetry in Australian history and society, as well as to recognise, celebrate, and advocate for Australian poets and to promote poetry as an integral part of Australian life.

We cannot do this alone — we need your help.

Please consider supporting the organisation that supports poets by choosing to pledge a tax deductible donation to Australian Poetry when you join or renew your membership. Every contribution, no matter how small, assists us in our mission to encourage reading and writing poetry and to celebrate the diverse poetry cultures of Australia.’