Happy birthday Mum

Happy birthday Mum

1st Sept 2014

A Tree to Remember

1st of September,
Spring in Australia
thinks it’s summer.

Birthday tree,
sapling Norfolk Island Pine
begins the journey

to remember
my late mother,
treasure in my eyes.

Rain, wind, salt and heat
pray on hard scaly leaves,
majesty in growth.


Today is the first day of spring (and my late mother’s birthday) here in the sub-tropics of Australia.

Last year I planted a conifer for her, a Norfolk Island Pine – a tree that gets huge if the conditions are right. It has tripled in size – growing well (unlike most of the plants around here – the drought is taking it’s toll).

Happy birthday Mum xxxx

Here is the tree last year (when I planted it).

1st Sept 2013

Mum’s Norfolk Island Pine


14 thoughts on “Happy birthday Mum

  1. It is such a lovely thing to do in remembrance. I still have my Dad’s ashes and plan to plant them under a magnolia soulangeana one day (he died in 2002 :-))

    1. that will be beautiful bb 🙂 just out of a morbid interest (and because I always wonder about this type of thing for practical purposes) – would you leave the ashes in a container or just pour them in the ground?

      1. I thought a lot about that, too, Gabe, particularly because I worry about moving and not being able to take him with me, so to speak 😳, but nevertheless my choice would be to pour them straight into the ground. It seems more natural that way, somehow…

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