treasure poem


As is his right,
King Tide gorges regally on sand dunes, stolen
in a raid long ago by a tough rabble of thieves
spinifex, pigface, sheoak
to name just a few of the shameless hoarders
sand          is land, precious as the water we drink
sand          reclaimed as land for thousands of years past
sand          lost to sea in the now and the future
King Tide retreats, dark glistening robes flowing closer to his heart,
smug satisfaction of the winner with a belly full
of treasure.


13 thoughts on “Treasure

  1. It would appear that Poseidon has taken handfuls of treasure from you land…perhaps one day he’ll uncover something just for you…gold or silver lost by men? 🙂 Enjoyed your poem.

  2. Hehehe … beautiful! Having just spent a weekend down on the NSW south coast and walking my favourite beach and seeing a good chunk of it missing and glowing golden just off shore as a sandbar … I can relate 🙂
    Treasure indeed!

    1. hahaha oh dear – the erosion in places is shocking – where I used to live in Woodgate Beach all the sand got taken away from our end of the beach and landed up the other end a few km away #great and there is no money from council to fix it, so there we have it! Thanks Geoff 🙂

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