Canine Fictions (poem from bluebee)

Canine Fictions (poem from bluebee)

The wonderful Aussie blogger bluebee has sent me a poem for my Close Shaves week.


Canine Fictions

the neighbour’s dog,
has a lot
to say in the morning.

I imagine he entertains
the Voxdogz with tales
of victorious nocturnal stoushes
with the white cat from across the road:
“A face like a chook’s bum,
I tell ya rrrrhahahaharuffruff “

But I’ve seen him run,
at the sight of her.




Thanks bb 😀


It’s not too late folks if you have a tale of a close shave


8 thoughts on “Canine Fictions (poem from bluebee)

    1. hahahaha what is a pussy cat doing here 😉 Love your poem bb – I can just see that dog looking all brave until the cat arrives and love the Strayla-ism ‘face like a chook’s bum’ hahahaha

    1. hahaha that’s your average urban dog for you 😉 my dogs are very quiet most of the time – the ducks on the other hand are always having conferences involving much discussion of something (I always say they are discussing the state of play in current affairs – they hiss particularly loudly when Tony Abbott’s name is mentioned; and are even known to guffaw when Clive Palmer’s name comes up – hahahaha) 😀

  1. Entertaining poem and true to life too – I think it’s really interesting how animals interact

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