Warning: Cuteness Overload

Warning: Cuteness Overload

puppy 004cp

puppy sleeps –
the discarded slipper
holds onto the warmth

The tired puppy
so quickly falls asleep,
the slipper still warm
softly snoring
puppy on a slipper,
the heart is warming


ps. Don’t forget to send my your Close Shave stories, anecdotes, poems, photos, art, cartoons (doesn’t have to be a close shave with death – could be a close shave with a relationship or sumthin’ )

16 thoughts on “Warning: Cuteness Overload

    1. thanks bluebee – we had a long list of names and Tessa had power over the final decision for some reason 😉 but Molly was a good choice (though I was leaning toward Tigger)

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