Send me your Close Shaves

Tell me all about it!

That was close – tell me all about it 😑

I recently told you a tale of my close shave with an aquaplaning bus.

Have you got a tale to tell or a poem to share or a photo, artwork or cartoon that depicts a close shave?

I would love to receive some stuff from regular readers of my blog and people I know. I will post the ones I like the best on my blog in the next week or so (with a link back to your blog of course).

You can send stuff by email to:
gbryden at bigpond dot com

(just replace the at with @ and the dot with . and get rid of the spaces #doh )

Looking forward to a few weeks of living dangerously in the blogosphere!

Note: Please don’t send stuff if I don’t know who you are (eg., if you have never commented) as that would be a bit weird 😈

Nuddernote: Must be suitable for a general audience (not too rude dudes – I am a delicate flower πŸ˜‰ )

15 thoughts on “Send me your Close Shaves

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  3. How about this one:
    It was my birthday. I found this parcel without a label. It wasn’t ticking, so I decided it couldn’t be a bomb. Nervously, I unwrapped it – there was a box and inside this was an electronic thing.
    With no thought for safety, I plugged it in.
    Then … I ran it over my face!
    It was one of the closest shaves I’ve ever had.

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