Send me your Close Shaves

Send me your Close Shaves

Tell me all about it!
That was close – tell me all about it 😑

I recently told you a tale of my close shave with an aquaplaning bus.

Have you got a tale to tell or a poem to share or a photo, artwork or cartoon that depicts a close shave?

I would love to receive some stuff from regular readers of my blog and people I know. I will post the ones I like the best on my blog in the next week or so (with a link back to your blog of course).

You can send stuff by email to:
gbryden at bigpond dot com

(just replace the at with @ and the dot with . and get rid of the spaces #doh )

Looking forward to a few weeks of living dangerously in the blogosphere!

Note: Please don’t send stuff if I don’t know who you are (eg., if you have never commented) as that would be a bit weird 😈

Nuddernote: Must be suitable for a general audience (not too rude dudes – I am a delicate flower πŸ˜‰ )

15 thoughts on “Send me your Close Shaves

  1. How about this one:
    It was my birthday. I found this parcel without a label. It wasn’t ticking, so I decided it couldn’t be a bomb. Nervously, I unwrapped it – there was a box and inside this was an electronic thing.
    With no thought for safety, I plugged it in.
    Then … I ran it over my face!
    It was one of the closest shaves I’ve ever had.

    1. I think that might make the grade colonialist – hahahaha – if it’s true. Same type of thing happened to my grandma – she decided not to get on a train at the last minute and it crashed (or so the story goes in our family)

      1. This one is quite true. My fiancee (then) and I decided to work overseas for a while, and booked everything through Overseas Visitors’ Club. At the eleventh hour we decided the money would be better spent on getting married, so we cancelled our booking. The plane we would have been on crashed while flying over the Congo, with no survivors. I have often wondered who took our seats.

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