We haz a new puppy 😍

this is serious

Jazzy the labradoodle dandy dog will never be replaced #RIP

but Sheba has been fretting the loss of her best buddy

so we got her a mini-friend called Molly.

new puppy molly May 2014 043

They are getting to know each other!

 new puppy molly May 2014 044

She is very adventurous


and scary

ggrrrrrrhhhhhh 😉





14 thoughts on “Puppy Love

    1. It is funny watching them interact Helen – Sheba is quite tolerant of the little bites she keeps getting from Molly but occasionally growls a warning to the furball 😉 Molly keeps wanting to snuggle up with Sheba but Sheba is not having a bar of it – I’m sure they will be the best of friends in a couple of weeks #fingerscrossed

    1. Helllooooooooooooooo Selma 😀 She is very cute – have a virtual puppy hug – hell, you can have a whole box of virtual puppies for stopping by! Please start blogging again soon #yournumberonefan xo

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