The Perfumer

The Perfumer


The perfumer

By night he dreams of three exotic ladies in harem pants, adorned with beads and misty coins, whirling together in a heady dance.

The dance of the three ladies, beginning with the light touch of one that awakens his senses to the fleeting now, shimmy from the top; then the heart and body of the second dancer snaking and shivering with the middle notes, the music punching the air, staccato hips; joined by the final dancer, who lingers over rich, base notes, infused in the atmosphere, undulating torso.

Arms and bodies fuse in a confluence of silk, flesh and hazy smoke, forming a pyramid of inspiration burning in his






Note: the fragrance pyramid consists of top notes, middle notes and base notes to create the perfume, that the perfumer will create


Nuddernote: wake up and smell the perfume πŸ˜‰


Nuddernuddernote: a repost

6 thoughts on “The Perfumer

  1. I must have missed this one originally, or else my memory is failing me – perfumes are so evocative, aren’t they? It’s bizarre how they’re throw memories right in your face.

    To quote you – “Nuddernuddernote: Tony Abbott is an arsehat” Haha, what’s that?

    And on a more serious note – how are you all holding up on Jazzy?

    1. hahaha are you asking me what an arsehat is? or what a nuddernuddernote is? An arsehat is what Tony Abbott is – a dingbat, a dismytwat, a wuckfit – I could go on πŸ˜‰ I just feel the need for perfume to eradicate the odours that are wafting from Canberra way. We are holding up over Jazzy – been a very emotional week – but a learning lesson for us all. Very strange not having Jazzy around after 8 years of following my every move practically. Sheba is finding it hard to get used to as well. thanks bb

      1. arsehat πŸ™‚

        And *laughing* at dismytwat. In Afrikaans, the sentence “Dis my twat” means “This is my…” Well, you can guess the rest, haha – I’m sure you wouldn’t like the Mad Monk to be that πŸ˜‰

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