silkie chooks

the rooster crows
foraging with his hens
savouring the field


ps. that is Snowy at the front (she was one of the original 5 silkies we got as chicks – she was the runt of the litter and now is the only one left of those 5 so she is doing very well); and the rooster is Edgar Allen Poe (on the right) and the hen on the left – Fizz – is a more recent addition (she has a bit of Frizzle in her, so her feathers aren’t as fluffy as a full on Chinese Silkie chicken)


14 thoughts on “Chook Ku

    1. They look content in that photo Charles – but we’re never far from a little romantic meltdown around here – jealousy, cold shoulders, anger are just around the corner 😉

  1. Whatever turns you on, I guess!
    Nice Chooku. I think chooks are the most useful of tame animals. How many other species turn scraps into first class food and fertilize as they go?

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