November 2013 031

the family dog –
she’s a little fat hippy
from too much love dude


My apologies to Matsu Basho – hahahaha – I’m bashing his famous haiku:

The she cat –
Grown thin
From love and barley.


14 thoughts on “A hat tip to Basho’s Thin She Cat

    1. I think it’s just the regular barley from a field – feeding cats and dogs on rice and barley, apparently was (and maybe still is) common in Japan – there is probably a whole thesis written on that haiku Stafford 😉 – if it was the alcoholic type I agree it would make the cat thin 😉

  1. I love it 🙂 Lots of love can make a dog a little portly, don’t you think? (Or, as my father once said: “she’s not fat; her head’s just a bit small for her body….”)

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