The Imperial Russian Ballet Company

russian ballet 2014 006

Nariman Bekzhanov

flight of
the Russian dancer
spirits soar
Nariman Bekzhanov
rapture in the air
the spirit of
Rudolph Nureyev
reach for heaven


My daughter (11yo) and I went away for a girl’s weekend😉

We saw the Imperial Russian Ballet Company’s Don Quixote. The production was amazing – the costumes, music, and most of all the supreme athletes who make up this ballet company. The technique of the principal soloist Nariman Bekzhanov has been compared to Rudolph Nureyev.

We had the best time!



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  1. Note: I took this photo😉 Yes, a photo of a photo in the program – hahaha – don’t think the ballet dancers would appreciate a happy snapper in the auditorium – they might be Russian me off to the salt camps of Siberia!

  2. Sounds like a marvelous production…wonderful to have such opportunities.

    1. they’re touring all around Australia and New Zealand – we are very lucky Charles😀

    1. it was😀 thanks Helen

  3. now we can like a comment? I was trying to like the entire post! what a lovely idea to hav a girl’s weekend and going to the ballet!

    1. yeah I noticed that – something strange going on with wordpress! Tessa really loved the whole weekend – didn’t want to come home.

  4. Not your typical mother/daughter night out these days – but a super one.

    1. It was super colonialist😀 thought I better take her to the ballet before she is all grown up😉

  5. What a fantastic time you would have both had. True athletes up on stage, but so graceful & beautifully presented & staged. Nothing better than mother / daughter time🙂

  6. I watch these dancers and wonder at the athleticism, but also see what the music is all about. Tessa is eleven??? Time flies!

  7. Yay for a girls’ weekend!! And a mesmerising show by the sounds of it. Wonderful!

    1. it was bb🙂 and a good opportunity to glam it up a bit for a change

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