Note: a repost from last year. This year the National Alpaca Week is from the 28th March to the 6th April.

Many alpaca farms in Queensland are suffering because of an extended drought. Some owners have had to sell stock because all their grass is gone. It finally rained heavily last week which is great news for farmers, but everything is muddy and yuck at the moment.

Thinking of you all in the alpaca world.


National Alpaca Week

Yes, it is that time of the year again, National Alpaca Week.

This is the week that you can visit your local alpaca farm in Australia; and being the proud owners of two Suri alpaca we thought we would go and have a looksee at the place where Spirit and Merlin were born (Ivory Park alpaca farm in a place called Bungadoo).

Personally I would have gone to visit Bungadoo just for the sound of the name 😉

So we travelled forth to Bungadoo on Sunday afternoon to visit Ivory Park. This alpaca farm is owned and operated by Bev and Darryl (with a focus on solid white Suri alpacas).

And what a pretty farm it was!

Rolling hills, plentiful dams and a multitude of alpaca afoot.

This is the Suri nursery with Mums and their bubs (or crias as they are called in the alpaca world)

Suri Mums and Crias

Suri alpacas (crias and Mums)

nurserySuri nursery (Ivory Park)

Ivory Park also has some Huacaya alpacas (the fibre is very dense and stands perpendicular to the body). Suri alpacas have the finer fibre which has a dreadlock appearance.

Here is a very young Huacaya alpaca (cria) with Mum.

cria and Mum Huacaya

Huacaya cria with Mum

Huacaya Cria

Huacaya cria

There was even a llama to behold:


Fabuloso (not my name 😉 )

Llama closeup


Last but not least – the Suri alpaca on the left is Pinjarra Rossini (father of Spirit and Merlin). He looks a bit pleased with himself (but what the hell would I know) learning the body language of an alpaca is on my To Do list!)

Merlin and Spirits Dad on left

Pinjarra Rossini (left)

The kids and I really enjoyed our visit to Ivory Park and didn’t get spat at once!

Thank you Bev and Darryl (and Sandra and Tim for the introductions).