Australian King-Parrots

Australian King-Parrots

A couple of Australian King-Parrots came to visit us the other day. They took me by surprise as that’s never happened before. I have seen them fly over the house and far away but never this close.

They were on our veranda having a chat with our pet bird Amore the Alexandrine Parakeet.

Amore was not impressed and had been doing her squawky pants impersonation for about half an hour. I thought I better check what all the noise was about and this is what I saw.

The fence thingy that the male is standing on is a temporary fenceΒ  – my effort to keep all the Muscovy ducks away from the veranda. It works some times πŸ˜‰

Aren’t they stunning – the male has a completely red head and the female has a completely green head and breast.

king parrots 014
Male Australian King-Parrot (Wide Bay, Queensland)

king parrots 031
Female Australian King-Parrot (Wide Bay, Queensland)

king parrots 026
Male and Female Australian King-Parrots (Wide Bay Queensland)


king parrots 027
Male Australian King-Parrot (Wide Bay Queensland)


10 thoughts on “Australian King-Parrots

  1. I like the Parrots. I was station in Central and South America. The Parrots were tame and friendly. Would talk with you and keep you company for a bite of food. I like the photos and the description. Thank you.

  2. Kingies are easily tamed too. A little food nearby for a few days as you sit/stand incrementally closer and in a couple of weeks they will eat out of your hand and even sit on your thumb while they do so. I know it is politically incorrect to feed them, but what joy to have one so ‘friendly’!

    1. sounds good to me Stafford πŸ˜€ I don’t think people mind people feeding parrots – it’s the meat eaters that they don’t want you to feed – as they are on top of the food chain and too many Magpies for instance contributes to the deaths of the little birds like finches.

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