We will rain on your parade Putin

for chasing the rainbows away,

for covering the ice snow in Sochi

with the blues and the blood

of stray dogs and the bruised

Pussy Riot in their bright colours,

their shirts and short dresses

made for a place of greater warmth.


Cossacks will horsewhip the populace

into a Papier Mâché face

with smile, plastered in red

for the world to admire and deny

the destruction of human rights

in Russia, in this Olympic space,

say the girls in the brightly coloured

ski masks which hide their faces,

but not their song.

19 thoughts on “Rainbow’s End in Sochi

  1. If mr. putin was a real man…he’d bare his chest…once again….and join them in a song or two…of course such an event might lead to world peace…so that’ll never happen…I’m still angry about what I saw in Sochi..but it goes along with the history of the region.

    1. hahaha that I would have loved to see Charles – Putin singing with Pussy Riot! 😉 The veneer of civility that he has designed for the games is so thin it is laughable – if he had just ignored the girls than they wouldn’t have got such great footage of brutality for their video but they just couldn’t help themselves in their hatred of the protesters.

    1. Thanks Ben 😀 It all starts with the corrupting process of countries vying to be the choice for the Olympics and the huge amounts of money involved in trying to win and it pretty much goes down hill from then on – though I do appreciate the athletes most of the time (and I must admit I do find the winter Olympics to be very pretty with all the white).

        1. it is exciting to watch Benedicte – the winter olympics are much more dangerous most of the time – like extreme sports and the athletes seem very enthusiastic (more than for things like running and swimming)

  2. Totally loved this, so many wonderful lines, including ‘covering the ice snow in Sochi/with the blues and the blood/of stray dogs and the bruised/Pussy Riot in their bright colours’. (Though you might now be joining me in the nearest gulag…)

    1. hahahaha I thought of that Nigel – I want to visit Russia some day but maybe my visa will be cancelled at the border 😉 I forgot to mention to everyone that the poem must be read in Russian accent while drinking near frozen vodka 😀 #glugglug #GulagArchipelago

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