A delicate balance,

A delicate balance,


A delicate balance,

spinning in deep space

but hanging on with a weak grasp,

grounded by gravity

but rooted in a skeletal soil,

breathing in the thin

swathe of gases embracing this earth.


A fragile kiss of life

on the eucalyptus lips,

lips which will then part

and exhale for us all

who breathe today

but maybe not tomorrow.



Note: Photo by Gabrielle Bryden

8 thoughts on “A delicate balance,

  1. I have shivers, for with the erosion, slow removal of the ‘lungs’ of this World, (beautiful sight they are too) what does the future hold? I’d be proud to be called a Tree Hugger!! Love the Poem. xPenx

    1. Thanks Ben 😀 They have a lovely smell on hot days but not so much the distinctive eucalyptus smell – you would have to get the oil from the leaves I think to get a really strong scent.

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