10 thoughts on “Golden Days

    1. That is me on the right bb 😀 There was too many of us (6) to sleep in the kombi – we would stay in cheap hotels most of the time, but I remember one place the boy (Dad, Peter and Daniel) slept in the Kombi while Mum, Lisa and I stayed in a hotel – not sure who had the best deal there 😉

  1. I remember dreaming of owning a Kombi van when I was in my teens (oh, so many, many moons ago). What a great way to travel around Greece. What wonderful memories you must have.

    1. I would still like to own a Kombi van Helen – hahaha – they are fantastic (along with the VW Beetle) – we drove across Europe in that van – bought the Kombi in Greece off some travelling Scandinavians and stayed there a couple of months, then drove through Europe and got the ferry over to England with the van, stayed there are a couple of months and went back to Greece at the end of the trip (just as the weather started to get really cold) and sold the van in Athens.

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