Bundaberg Flood Anniversary (Haiku)

Bundaberg Flood Anniversary (Haiku)

It is one year (this week) since the devastating floods of Bundaberg in Queensland, Australia 2013.

The town is still recovering – roads are still being fixed, some houses are still empty, some residents are still displaced. But great progress has also been made and the people of Bundaberg are nothing if not resilient.

Here is a photo of a boat, out of place on a footpath near the Burnett River (which is the river that flows through Bundaberg); unceremoniously dumped by the floodwaters.

If you look closely (with a microscope 😉 ) you will see the owners have written ‘not abandoned‘ on the back of the boat. They are warning people to stay away from the boat as it is waiting to be salvaged.


resized floods Bundy 2013 by MB (640x478)

not abandoned

blame the Burnett River

who stole you

resized bloat by Michael (640x479)

Photos by Michael Bryden

For all those affected by the floods, keep on keeping on!


15 thoughts on “Bundaberg Flood Anniversary (Haiku)

    1. Thanks Helen 🙂 I’m happy we haven’t had much rain this January (too traumatic for some) – school started a week late last year because of the floods and a number of kids in my children’s classes were living in temporary accommodation.

  1. aloha Gabrielle. yes, my thoughts to those in these situation around the planet.

    as to your writing in prose. and then coupled with haiku—this is what is known as Haibun. you’re a natural at it. do more (imo). fun stuff too.

      1. yes. i’m liking haibun more and more. this was just such a natural easy one that you seemed to have slipped into. . . . it appeals to that side of me in that sense. even tho the subject is a heart wrenching one for so many. aloha.

    1. Thanks Juliet – we were driving around a bend in the road and got such a shock to see the boat there, out of place! There was also a house that got swept of its stumps and swept about 500 metres and dumped on a main road – looked surreal – wish I had a good photo of that!

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