28 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Oh how lovely Gab, your girl has done a wonderful job! I just love the chooks! Hope you and your family have a wonderful blessed & fun christmas Gab. *shortbread all round* 😀 xo

    1. Hey Lily 😀 lovely to see you – I will make sure Tessa sees your comment – I thought we weren’t allowed to mention the festive season around you – hahahaha – it’s very hard to miss (thanks for the shortbread – nom, nom, nom)

    1. She enjoyed the spray painting the most – hahaha – I am not very crafty and find these things a bit of a challenge – the girl is very arty 😀 and spends hours painting and cutting stuff up!

  2. Hi Gabrielle – wishing you all a very happy belated Merry Christmas. Tessa has done a great job with the chrissy decoration :). I hope santa found his way to you all & your beautiful menagerie. Wishing you a fantastic New Year to follow.xx

    1. Thanks bb 🙂 It has been an interesting Christmas to say the least 😉 – had a bit of an injury with my thumb which required much waiting in hospital rooms and much pain etc, but all is now well and I’m starting to really relax now

        1. I got a piece of metal stuck right into the skin (like an implant) – accidentally broke off when I was cleaning – had to get x-ray and ultrasound before they could remove it, then it got infected so needed two types of antibiotics

  3. My greeting arrives late — particularly by early-bird Australian standards, but I send you nonetheless heartfelt greetings from WAY across the Big Pond for Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! May you find joy!

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