A message from Getup:

‘Tomorrow, firefighters across Australia are coming out for rallies on climate action. We can’t afford not to show up too.
We can’t let this Government think that we will stay silent as they abolish climate legislation, axe the Climate Commission, fire CSIRO scientists, and not even show up to international climate negotiations. We can’t send the message to Labor and the Greens that they can go weak on climate change.
It’s going to be a big, powerful day. Danny Ward, a firefighter from Victoria, may have said it best: “When you stand actually fighting a bushfire, you just realise there’s something wrong here, something different. Something has changed. Climate change is real. I’ll be there with my family this Sunday, and we need you there too.”
There are 130 simultaneous events this Sunday – most of them organised by GetUp members like you. From community picnics to huge rallies in capital cities, thousands of hours of time have gone into organising these events. Now it’s over to you.

Share this video to invite friends and family along to join you.
So please, right now, invite some friends, neighbours or family to come along on Sunday. Some of them might be making up their mind about whether or not to come along. Here’s just a few reasons to pass along:

  • It’s going to be fun – events from picnics to rallies are planned to happen in backyards, parks, churches and beaches all over Australia,
  • It’s going to be powerful, with more than 100 diverse community actions going on simultaneously around the country,
  • It’s going to be an explosive, incredible start to a summer of climate action, and the huge fight for our climate’s future.

Rain, hail or shine, let’s do this. Let’s make Sunday an amazing, powerful, heartfelt display for action on climate change, and a celebration of the movement fighting to make it happen.

Click here to find your local event and RSVP to come along:
Click here to invite your friends and family along on Facebook.
See you there?
Sam, and the GetUp team’





9 thoughts on “‘Our firefighters are in, are you?’

    1. I thought you would Juliet – the rallies were all too far from where I live but I would have loved to have gone to the one in Brisbane (5 hour drive away) – the media barely reported on the fact that 60,000 people turned up all over the country – pathetic coverage!

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