Arson’s Law

Arson’s Law



deliberately lit

the heat is on


bushfire arsonist

Australia’s most wanted



A cliché

public enemy number one

too true blue



punishment to fit the crime

burn baby  burn


14 thoughts on “Arson’s Law

  1. Cannot believe you’re still having fire set…we’ve had similar behavior around here from time to time…in some cases the people caught were charged with murder.

    1. it’s a summer long problem in Australia – but apparently lots of fires are actually started by power lines in really windy weather, so it’s not always arsonists – our total fire ban has been extended for a few more weeks cause it is just not raining.

  2. Interesting topical poem – excellent ambiguous ending and visual, Gabe. My brother burnt down a garden shed when he was 6 and there was hell to pay but obviously he was very young and didn’t really ‘get’ it. With adolescents, the whole question of agency is a bit more murky – society hasn’t been very successful in stopping them from killing themselves in their cars, so how do we get the message across about the devastation caused by these firebug actions?

    1. thanks bb 🙂 wow, I bet your brother got in big trouble! It is very difficult to change the behaviour of fire bugs (and there are different types with different motivations) but defunding programs that target arsonists is not the way to go (and that is just what our state government has done) – talk about false economy (not to mention reducing staff and funding to the RFS) – but all is fine, we have a pm who can fight fires in his fancy outfit.

    1. thanks Tracey – it will be a bad year – Dreamworld was evacuated yesterday because of a grassfire – 7,000 people had to get out! first time that’s happened (wonder if they get there money back – hahaha)

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