My blogging friend Helen Ross (who lives in my old stomping ground of Brisbane) has a wonderful children’s book out for Christmas.

Let me tell you about this mousey story.


A Christmas Tail

story by Donna Smith and Helen Ross

illustrated by Aaron Pocock

Spider Ink Press


A Christmas Tail is a charming story written by Donna Smith and Helen Ross about a mouse family living in a doll’s house in an attic.

Melanie, Monty and baby mouse Peter are preparing for the Christmas festivities and a visit by Santa Paws, but when Santa loses his pants you know things aren’t going quite to plan.

This is a traditional Christmas story with a few twists involving unlikely friendships and bumps in the night. The characters are adorable, even the mischievous rat and the accomplice cat.

The illustrations by Aaron Pocock are divine and reveal a first-class talent. He lives in Brisbane too (the place is chock full of talent 😉 ).

Donna Smith is from Victoria – but that can’t be helped. It appears there are good writers in other States of Australia! 😂

This book targets pre-school age children and I am sure they will love this tale of mice and mayhem. My kids loved the story and they are 10 and 13.

Congrats Helen (and Donna and Aaron).

You can pop over to Helen Ross’s blog for more details about where to get this book (which is available as a hard copy or eBook).


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of A Christmas Tail through Helen Ross from iTunes for review; and I love children’s Christmas books (so there – hahaha) 😎

Note: I don’t as a general rule accept freebies, because my slackness and general laziness prevents me from getting the job of reviewing done – but I have made an exception for the wonderful Helen (as she took me by surprise – hehehe).

If I really like a book I have no problems with putting up the dosh for the good authors involved.

20 thoughts on “A Christmas Tail (book review)

    1. Hi Gabrielle,
      Thank you for the lovely review, I am glad you enjoyed our tail! It is a special story and we are just thrilled at the result. I do hope your mouselettes enjoy the tail also.
      Regards Donna 🙂
      Jelli-Beanz Publishing.

  1. Hi Gabrielle. I really do love your style. Thanks for the lovely review – it really made me smile. I will pass on to Donna and Aaron. Donna will be chuffed. Have a wonderful November.

    1. thanks Helen 😉 those two need to be on twitter (maybe they are and I can’t find them) – I am going to buy a hard copy of the book too (prefer to look at those lovely illustrations from the pages of a book – I’m so old fashioned – hahahaha) – still having trouble with putting the iTunes review up – unless they take a while to post the reviews – I sent it and nothing – will wait and see what happens and try again later). ps. I will read the book to my own mouseys – I have 6 of the beasties (well the kids do, but I seem to be the only one looking after them).

  2. Reblogged this on spiderinkpress and commented:
    Peter Mouse here: I am so excited to read a lovely review of A Christmas Tail about me and my family, and the twists to our Christmas festivities. Thank you so much. I must get mum to make me some cheesecake treats to celebrate. I must also tell Rupert and Clive.

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